What to Wear Ziplining

One question we get a lot is, “what should I wear when ziplining?” Here’s some advice from the experts.


Clothing to Wear Ziplining

For your lower half, long shorts or pants will be more comfortable. Fitted jeans are fine, but the most comfortable thing to wear ziplining is activewear like leggings, or joggers. For your top, any shirt of your choosing will be fine for ziplining. You’ll be flying through the breeze, so check the local temperature for Sooke, BC before heading out. Sometimes here at Adrena LINE, you’ll get a cool ocean breeze, so keep that in mind depending on the time of year.

Clothing NOT to wear ziplining

– Skirts
– Capes! (sorry superheros)
– Baggy pants, they can ride up when wearing your harness.
– Very short shorts, the leg harness could become irritating on your thighs.



You might be wondering. Can I wear glasses while ziplining? The answer is yes! As with any outdoor activity, you’re taking a risk of them falling off your face if they’re too loose fitting. But if they stay on your face when you look down, then you’re safe to wear them ziplining. If you’re at all concerned, just keep your face forward into the wind as you zip.

If you’re wondering about any loose personal items like car keys or your phone. They should fit in a secured pocket, or a small fitted fanny pack.

Items NOT to wear ziplining

– Long necklaces.
– Any jewelry items that do not fasten securely.
– Large bulky fanny packs.
– A backpack, these are not allowed and can be locked up in guest services.


Cameras and Tech for Ziplining

Phones, cameras, go-pros, we know everyone has a lot of tech these days, and we’re all looking for that perfect shot to share.

If you want to wear a GoPro for your zipline tour, a helmet mount will give you the best result, as a chest mount can interfere with your harness. We offer helmets with GoPro mounts at no charge if you bring your own camera. Or you can rent an GoPro from us for an additional charge.

If you’re bringing along a digital camera, we recommend you keep a wrist strap secured at all times.

You can bring your phone ziplining, but you’re taking a risk by carrying it in your hand. We recommend using a case with wrist strap to use while ziplining. You could also use a selfie stick with wrist strap, as long as your phone is secured in place.

All use of electronic devices is at your own risk.