Meet Our Amazing Team

Chris – Operations Manager

Chris is our Operations Manager.  He’s been with the company for five seasons.  In 2010, Chris made the move from the UK to Canada.  Living in Canada has sparked his passion for the outdoors.  Cruising on his boat, climbing or volunteering for ski patrol in the winter, Chris is full of adventure and always around for a good laugh… just don’t leave any 17 mile pub fries unsupervised around him. 

Kaitlyn – Guest Services Manager

Kaitlyn has been with Adrena LINE for five seasons.  This year she is hanging up the harness and stepping into the office as our new Guest Services Manager… we all know she’s still gonna rock the chest pack with her office wardrobe.  Best dressed at any theme party.  She can rock a pair of flares.  In her spare time (if she has any) she can be found climbing or gardening.  Hands down she is the most caffeinated person at Adrena.

Drake – Operations Assistant 

Drake has been with Adrena for two seasons.  This season he is zipping into our Operations Assistant position.  Drake used to compete in BMX racing.  His latest passion is climbing all the mountains.  When he’s not too busy studying Kinesiology or climbing, he treks up island for camping.  Watch for Drake to quietly take over the world.


Kailee is our ray of sunshine, always with a smile on her face.  This is Kailee’s third season at Adrena and part of the Adrena Girl duo.  She’s a true local, having grown up in Sooke.  Girl of many talents, she can even ride a unicycle.  In the off season she studies Bio-Chem.  We used to believe you can never have too much tie dye until Kailee proved us wrong.


Morgan is all about feeling the rush.  She’s been with Adrena the past two seasons and the other half of our Adrena Girl duo.  The past few years she has played on the UVic Women’s Basketball team.  You don’t want to challenge her to a game of spikeball.  We can always expect her to walk through the door with Tim Hortons in hand… more specifically an iced capp.


Jayden lives half the year in Victoria and the other half playing hockey overseas in Germany…he’s kind of a big deal over there.  If you ask him for his autograph he’ll probably give it to ya.  This is his second season at Adrena.  You can find him ripping on his mountain bike or hiking the West Coast.


Alex enjoys reading, writing and working on his podcast in his spare time.  He is our go to guy for anything and everything about craft beer.  He currently holds the record for most pairs of sunglasses lost on the course, 5 in total.  We’re waiting for him to announce that he’s hosting a Ted Talk.


Doug, or as we know him 0% Doug, joined Adrena last season.  From hiking to paddle boarding, he loves staying active and getting outdoors.  He used to compete in swimming competitions but now he uses his powers for good and is a swim coach when he’s not zipping through the trees.  Sadly Doug does not know how to Dougie.


Michaela is starting her second season at Adrena.  She loves adventures with her dog, Jasper.  He’s a mini Aussie Shepherd mix, aka adorable.  She is also agility training her dog.  Photography is a passion of hers.  We’re sure her phone is full of dog pics.  Being the youngest person at Adrena she keeps us up to date with what the cool kids say.  She’s a lit part of the fam. 


Chloe is starting her second season with us.  She brings the stoke to our lives.  Not only does Chloe keep everyone in the trees safe but she also keeps people on the ground safe too.  She’s a lifeguard.  If we had to sum Chloe up in one word it would be bro.  She’s our #1 buddy guy.


Abby is more often surrounded by animals then humans.  She is currently helping to train a guide dog named Emmett (he’s adorable).  In her spare time she enjoys going on paddle board adventures and riding horses.  This is Abby’s second season at Adrena.  She’s always at 100% excitement.  Fun fact… she has a twin.    


This is Emily’s (also known as Em) fourth season at Adrena. We can always count on Em to have the good tunes bumping through Guest Services, whether it is the 2000’s hits or EDM for Chris, she knows what’s up. If she isn’t at Adrena then you will probably find her out hiking in the great outdoors, but she will probably be at Adrena because she loves it here. Fun fact about Em is that if she were to be reincarnated she would want to be a golden retriever because then she could nap all day.

Adrena loves Em and we want her to stay here forever.