Meet Our Amazing Team

Kaitlyn –

Kaitlyn has been with Adrena LINE for six seasons.  Best dressed at any theme party.  She can rock a pair of flares.  In her spare time (if she has any) she can be found climbing or gardening.  Hands down she is the most caffeinated person at Adrena.


Kailee is our ray of sunshine, always with a smile on her face.  This is Kailee’s fourth season at Adrena and part of the Adrena Girl duo.  She’s a true local, having grown up in Sooke.  Girl of many talents, she can even ride a unicycle.  In the off season she studies Bio-Chem.  We used to believe you can never have too much tie dye until Kailee proved us wrong.


Suzanne is our new manager here at Adrena. A first time zipper she can tell you all about the amazing rush of excitement you get once you take that first step of the platform!  Suzanne spends most of her free time hiking the trails with her pup Ruby. 


Jessy is one of our new guides. She brings sunshine in with her everyday. An adventure college graduate she loves being active outdoors and  is currently crushing her strength training goals. You may also see her as your server up at the 17 mile


Cam is the tallest person we know! He is new to the Island and loves to use his free time exploring our beautiful local trails. His sly sense of humour brings great energy to all of his tours. He loves Cats,  Tik Tok and a good British Drama



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