Meet Our Amazing Team


Kaitlyn is our Operations manager & has been with Adrena LINE for seven seasons.  Best dressed at any theme party.  She can rock a pair of flares.  In her spare time (if she has any) she can be found climbing or gardening.  Hands down she is the most caffeinated person at Adrena.


Suzanne is our Guest Services & Administration manager here at Adrena. She can tell you all about the amazing feeling of pushing through your fears towards excitement as you take that first step off the platform! Last season she learned to love the rush!  Suzanne spends most of her free time hiking the trails with her pup Ruby. 


Bryony is our Guest Services Assistant Manager. She will be checking you in and ready to answer any questions about ziplining and the island! With a slight fear of heights she is right along with anyone else conquering that fear and loving to zip!


Chris joins us for his second season here at Adrena LINE. Last year he joined us from Ontario bringing a completion of outdoor adventure diploma with him. You may not pick it but he has Italian blood, so feel free to test his skills while out on the course. Not only Italian blood but he also has a gymnast background and is a pro at the tricks such as the bendy noodle and spiderman. So can you out-bend Chris???


Having grown up on the island, Iain joins us his second  season. He is an allrounder so when you don’t see him out the lines you may find him cycling, running, hiking or even catch him wearing his Chelsea FC fan gear. The small fear of heights he once had, has not stopped him from becoming a pro zipper and through his hilarious humor he hopes to help you conquer yours as well.


She keeps trying to leave, and we keep bringing her back! Kailee has been with us for 7 seasons now, and is the perfect guide to bring you on an exciting zipline adventure. Be prepared to learn some tricks, history — and watch out for the cheesy jokes!



Jessy brings sunshine in with her everyday. And likely a bag of Cheetos. An adventure college graduate she loves being active outdoors.  Last season Jessy bought a sailboat and now spends her free time cruising on sailing adventures! You may also see her as your server up at the 17 mile


Rob loves to zipline and all outdoor activities! In the winter you can find him on the slopes, snowboarding and attending adventure college in Revelstoke. We are excited to have him join us for his second season here at Adrena!


Life long South Vancouver island resident here. Nick is currently a student at UVIC studying Economics. On his days off Nick can be found anywhere in Sooke or Victoria hiking, climbing, mountain biking, or camping in the great outdoors! Nick also has an identical twin brother so be careful who you end up 150ft off the ground with.


Skylar is a junior guide here at Adrena but with his experience at Whistler has already conquered our course. Skylar’s other interests are the gym and the gym, so you know you are in safe hands! 


Don’t be fooled, this former professional gymnast is a powerhouse! With a smile as bright as her future, we are thrilled to welcome Paige as one of our new junior guides. When not gliding you through the air, Paige can be found in nature, working out, and studying criminal justice. 


Jocelyn is a 4th year AdrenLINE veteran! When not zipping, you can find her in environmental studies — or fishing, camping and hiking.
Fun facts: Rumour has it Jocelyn once won a huge flashlight by sending salmon eggs to a hatchery. We dare you to challenge her at volleyball.



Madison (Junior Guide extraordinaire) is an outgoing, competitive bookworm with a penchant for fruit snacks, an almost finished BSc in kinesiology, and a serious funny bone. When not zipping through the treetops you can find her playing sports, working out, volunteering, or playing a little crib.



Ryley is one our new guides this year, and we couldn’t be happier. Full of that strong Alberta spirit, this lass is determined, kind, and adventurous all in one! Look out for those snazzy headbands and tattz, and get ready for an awesome tour!



Garrett (Junior Guide) is a kind and safe shoulder to reach out to. He started off as a nervous zipper himself, but he adapted and became a confident and reliable new guide. Garrett is passionate about Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and cold oatmeal. Reach out to him if you’re ever in need of a friendly, neighborhood Karate Kid with no taste buds!



Junior Guide: Will work for cookies!!! This ziplining foodie can often be found daydreaming about his next snack, and is happy to regale you with tales of his fridge’s proximity to the couch. (As of now, he has not rubbed off on cold oatmeal Garrett) Come out today and let this zany guide whisk you through the trees!