Tips for the Best Zipline Photos

It’s a great idea to capture this unforgettable experience digitally. But you’re probably wondering the best way to do that. Here’s some great tips for taking the best zipline photos.

The Technology

To start off, before you even arrive, you’ll need to decide on what you’ll use to capture those photos and videos.

You can bring your phone ziplining to take pictures and videos, but you’re taking a risk by carrying it in your hand. We recommend using a case with wrist strap to use while ziplining. You could also use a selfie stick with wrist strap, as long as your phone is secured in place, a lot of selfie sticks aren’t very secure, so it’s not ideal.

A digital camera is a really great option, because it’s less expensive to replace than a phone if you damage it! Regardless, if you’re bringing along a digital camera, we recommend you keep a wrist strap secured at all times.

GoPros allow you to capture both video and photos from a unique first-person perspective. If you want to wear a GoPro for your zipline tour, a helmet mount will give you the best result, as a chest mount can interfere with your harness. We offer helmets with GoPro mounts at no charge if you bring your own camera. Or you can rent a GoPro from us for an additional charge.

Please keep in mind, all use of electronic devices is at your own risk!


Camera Settings for Ziplining

Unfortunately, many times the speed of the zipline may blur some of your shots. If you’re bringing a device to capture still photos, you’ll want to adjust the camera settings to increase your shutter speed.

Try ‘burst mode’, (aka continuous shooting). On most phones, you can hold down the shutter button to take a series of photos in a matter of seconds. This works great for motion activities like ziplining and allows you to choose the best shot when you’re done.

And if possible. You’ll want to do a trial run to make sure you’ve done it correctly. Try capturing a friend on their bike or in another motion situation.


Photo Tips for Ziplining

1. Wear bright colours like red, yellow, or turquoise. These all pop against the forest backdrop and look amazing.

2. Don’t just take selfies. Have a friend take your picture from the arrival platform, and take turns going first. This will give your pictures a much better sense of scale than just a close-up from a Selfie.

3. If you have a friend taking your picture from the arrival platform, make sure you stay facing forward, avoid spinning at that time. While action shots are fun, they often don’t turn out as well as one where you’re staying still in your harness.

4. Keep your legs closed. Keep in mind you are in a harness, and this can be an unflattering angle.

5. Give it some personality! Wave or give a thumbs up.

6. Smile. Even if you’re nervous, don’t forget to smile.


As they say, “Pics or it didn’t happen!”