The New BIG ZIP Zipline is Open

It’s been months in the making, but we’re finally ready to officially accept guests to ride our exciting new “Big Zip” zipline. The largest, longest zipline on Vancouver Island. We’ve been in the planning phase for years, but started with the building plans in early 2022.

You can purchase a ticket to ride just the Big Zip, or you can add it on to the end of your full canopy tour for a discounted rate. You can view the 2023 zipline rates here.

Here’s what you can expect

You and your friends get hooked up into custom safety harnesses, specially designed for this one-of-a-kind of thrill ride. We’ll run through all the safety procedures, then load you onto one of our off-roading vehicles. (Selfies with the Sooke Squatch are always welcome!)

You’ll ride through the forest, getting a view of the ziplines from below and all the amazing large trees on our property, before arriving at the top.

When it’s your turn, we’ll hook you up to the zipline and perform all the safety checks. While you wait, you can take in the view of the ocean, the forest, and the Arbutus trees around you.

When your guide gives the O-K, it’s time to take off! Race your companion, but don’t forget to enjoy the view!

After the ride of a lifetime, you’ll arrive safe and sound with the help of our automatic electric breaking system, and a helpful guide will unhook you.

Below deck, you can watch the rest of your tour arrive and cheer them on!

Ready to go again? You can add on an extra ride for a discounted rate!


About The Big Zip

It’s been in the planning phase for years but started with the building plans early 2022. We used a helicopter to lay the first line and after that we pulled the other 3 by hand because the cable was too heavy for the helicopter. This was done by one of our team Zipping along that first line with cable in tow! Lifting the tower into place took 2 days with a crane.

All the lumber from the trees we felled is being used for various projects throughout the property.

The trolleys have magnets in them to help slow guests down. The back up brake system is a heavy duty spring pack. The harness is similar to a paragliding harness and it was made locally in BC just for us.