Highway 14 Construction

The last few weeks have seen some massive changes around Adrena LINE and the 17 Mile Pub. If you’ve driven by recently you’ll know what we’re talking about. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is undertaking several projects to make improvements to Highway 14 and the route of the new highway passes through part of our property.

It’s been hard watching some of our trees come down, especially the ones we used to hang out in. However, we’ve chosen to view these changes as an opportunity for growth and improvement. For every zipline we had to disassemble, we’re installing another further up in our forest. As things move from the planning phase into execution we’re starting to see our plans take shape in the trees and it’s got us pretty excited. Additionally, we’re grateful that when the project is complete our friends and families will have a safer, more reliable commute to and from home, work and of course us!

We’d also like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has reached out in the past weeks. We’re touched by all of the concern and support and can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on. So the next time you drive by, know that even though you can’t see us, the Adrena LINE elves are out in the forest working away to bring you an even better canopy zipline tour!

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and sneak peeks at the exciting changes coming to Adrena LINE 🙂