Employment FAQs

How much does the Zipline Guide Certification Course cost?

Nothing. Adrena LINE covers the cost of the five day training course, and staff are paid to participate.

How much does the Emergency Rescue and Evacuation Competency Training cost?

Nothing. Adrena LINE covers the cost of the two day training course, and staff are paid to participate.

Is the Zipline Guide Certification Course paid?

Yes, the course is intensive and it is not guaranteed that all applicants will successfully complete the requirements. For those that do complete the course, a paid guiding position awaits.

I am already certified in First Aid, do I need to attend the ERECT two day training?

Yes, the Emergency Rescue and Evacuation Competency Training course is mandatory for all new guides. This training is designed specifically for our zipline course and is typically run the week following the Guide Certification Course. There is no cost for this training and employees are paid for to participate.

I already have Standard First Aid, OFA 1, or an 8 hour equivalent (i.e. Wilderness First Aid).  Does this help?

Absolutely, this level of certification, including CPR-C, is required prior to enrolling in Adrena LINE’s Guide Training Certification Course. If you are unsure about your First Aid qualifications send us an email at hr@adrenalinezip.com, and we will do our best to answer your questions about your current level of training.

I would like to drive the shuttle bus. How do I get my license?

In order to be eligible to be an Adrena LINE Shuttle Driver you need to have a minimum 5 years of driving experience and an Unrestricted Class 4 driver’s license. This license is obtainable through ICBC, and involves completing a knowledge test followed by a road test.

How far in advance of my Guide Training session should I make myself available?

To familiarize potential new guides with our product, we run a Pre-Employment Zipline Tour. The tour is lead by experienced trainers and is offered free of charge. The tour typically runs the week prior to the Guide Training session you are enrolled in, and allows you to meet the group of people you will be going through your Guide Training with. This also provides an opportunity to collect the manuals required for your training.

What equipment/preparations are required prior to entering Guide Training?

Adrena LINE supplies all of the zipline equipment for the season. Although Adrena LINE will provide employees with the basic uniform for the season, all employees are required to have closed-toe athletic shoes. Zipline guiding is physical work, and it is suggested that applicants come to Guide Training in sound physical condition that includes a combination of cardiovascular and muscular strength. Candidates are encouraged to start preparations in this area well before the start of their Guide Training.