Can You Go Ziplining If You’re Afraid of Heights?

Ziplining is an incredible experience that’s on many people’s bucket lists. But almost every day we meet nervous first-time zipliners that want this experience, but need to overcome their fear of heights to do it. Our brains are programmed to make us cautious around drop-offs, so its perfectly normal to be nervous – it’s a survival instinct after all.

It’s estimated that three to five percent of people have some sort of acrophobia (fear of heights). Sometimes you don’t even realize it, until you’re high off the ground.

Here are a few tips to help you face your fears and enjoy the zipline experience:


1 – Enjoy the Scenery

By looking around you, instead of what’s right below, you’ll feel more stable. The stunning surroundings of the forest are calming and a great way to distract yourself from the distance below.


2 – Talk to Us

Tell your guide and other zipliners about being nervous. Your guide can help you feel comfortable, and give you some advice to help you get going. Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone and others in your group may even share the same feelings of nervousness.


3 – It’s Safe!

Adrena LINE’s top priority is the well being of each and every guest who takes part in the tour. All equipment utilized meets or exceeds industry standards. Our ziplines and platforms are inspected daily and are registered with the Technical Safety BC. In addition, our guides are thoroughly trained in every aspect of working at heights, so you can feel confident you are in good hands while on your tour. Trust your guides and remind yourself that you are safely secured onto the zipline.


4 – Don’t Forget to Breathe

A tried and true method for calming yourself down is to focus on your breathing. Count to 5 for each inhale and exhale to slow your breath down. We have some of the cleanest air in the world so think about how refreshing the air is as you breathe in and out.


5 – Do it For Yourself

You have the ability to face your fears and turn the experience into something fun that you will look back on and be proud of.

So “Can You Zipline if You’re Afraid of Heights”?

The answer is YES, as long as you’re open to conquering your fears and know that you’re the type of person who will be pleased with yourself for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. After all, you know yourself best.

If the fear is crippling, you won’t be able to enjoy your experience by being terrified the whole time, so it might not be for you. Don’t be ashamed not to go. Do only what makes you feel comfortable.